50, 25 Martiou & 17 Dramas str, Piraeus
Ship Repairs & Marine Services
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Ship Repairs & Marine Services
50, 25 Martiou & 17 Dramas str, Piraeus

About Us


The company is the proud successor to the original I. LIVADAROS LTD which was founded in 1955, and it has many years of experience in marine
insulation as well as industrial insulation.

An independent & professional company, has been established over
the years as an important partner to the marine world in Greece and
other shipyards around the world.

Our Team

The executive team of  LIVADAROS being greatly qualified and experienced in their field, always available to assist you.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to provide high standard services at the lowest possible cost has given the company an outstanding reputation and has earned our clients’ trust.

WE ARE NEXT TO YOU24/7 Support Globally

Today, LIVADAROS occupies more than 25 employees who work on a rolling schedule to support any emerging needs, and supplies some of the biggest shipping companies locally and internationally. Our Aim is to provide high standard services at the lowest possible cost at any Dry Dock project / Repairs.

We are certified with ISO 9001:2015